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This weight control program I have just developed is truly a break through; because for the first time in my life of 68 years I feel I have dominant control over my compulsive overeating.

Anyone familiar with my writing knows that I have a super strong belief in “positive thinking” to change behavior. To those that don’t know what positive thinking is, I will explain.

It is a technique to change behavior; take a phrase or quote and repeats it over and over to yourself. It doesn’t need to be repeated aloud. However, to be effective it must be repeated at least fifty or more times every day. The more times it is repeated the faster it will work because it is the repeating process itself that breaks through to the subconscious.

The quote to repeat is: I can keep small all of my food portions, (through God which strengthens me).” The through God part can be left out or changed to fit ones own deity if desired. It may take as long as a year or longer to fully kick in, and bear fruit, but if one doesn’t quit the repeating process is guaranteed to get results.

Just keep repeating the quote to yourself at least 50 times or more every day, and never quit until your goal is reached. God will make a way out of no way. Mighty forces will come to your aid. It will work if one doesn't quit. A word of advice about changing eating behavior, it can be done but it is not a simple or easy matter.

The only guarantee is to never stop repeating the quote because fat cells don't like being starved. One may start craving sweets and wanting to eat everything in sight and feeling the quote is a waste of time all to get you to quit repeating the quote.

The body cells in cahoots with the mind will play all kinds of tricks to get you to quit but in the end you will reach your goal if you stay with it and never quit. It is like breaking in a wild horse.

The wild horse is going to buck and try everything in its power to throw you off but if you can hang on and ride it out you will obtain your goal. The reason it is so hard to lose weight is your body cells in cahoots with your mind will use reward and punishment against you.

The punishment of hunger may seem much more severe. And at the same time the good taste of food may seem much more rewarding. However, in the end the mind must try to carry out any image constantly presented to it.

WEIGHT BATTLE BEGINS! I, Freddie L. Sirmans, Sr. have decided to share with my readers the inner working of my mind out loud as I try to discover secrets on how to lose weight.

The tactics I try may not work; still, I decided to share with my readers as I plot my strategy on defeating my sometimes overpowering compulsive overeating habit.

WARNING: I check with my doctor before trying anything new or stressful. The previous positive thinking quote with enough time is effective, but, I've decided to create this newer untested quote developed by me anyway.

I don't fully recommend it yet because it may cause some stress. And anyone that uses it does it at their own risk. Positive thinking has been proven to change behavior when the same quote or phrase is repeated to oneself at least 50 times or more every day.

The more times it is repeated the faster it works. The quote to repeat, which I don't recommend yet is to just say over and over: "Eating too much food is dangerous.”

Positive thinking is a slow process, sometimes it can take 6 months to a year or even longer to fully kick in. Just as our main survival responses are fight or flight, reward or punishment are the main responses that control our behavior.

Nothing in nature is all good or all bad; it is a matter of degree and balance. The reward of pleasure and good taste is necessary to make sure we eat, but, the balance arm of too much is not kicking in with compulsive over eaters like me.

So, maybe through “Positive thinking” an artificial overriding braking system will work. There is nothing to lose but weight. The problem of overeating starts from eating when not hungry for whatever reason.

Once the "Don't eat when not hungry" response is shoved completely out of the picture, for some, overeating becomes a compulsion. Then any attempt to limit the amount and push away from the table is looked upon as a cruel punishment and taking away a deserved reward.

The key is to realize that too much food intake is really a punishment of survival instead of just a harmless too much of a good thing reward. 10 NOVEMBER 2010, 1853 HOURS: Last entry. 19 NOVEMBER 2010, 1708 HOURS:

New Progress report In my quest to discover secrets on losing weight I will use the "Positive thinking" technique on myself to gauge my progress. From my previous entry I established that it is reward or punishment that controls all normal human behavior.

Also, I established that once the "Don't eat when not hungry" response is ignored enough the inner mind then see all eating including over eating as a reward. Then no amount of eating is viewed as punishment and stomach capacity becomes the only stopping point.

Now, the first strategy I'm going to use is to set eating rules followed by punishment for every infraction of those rules.

Rule number one: I'm going to decide on what weight I plan to get down to and list it on paper. My current weight is 252LBS and my goal weight is 195LBS.

Rule number two: I'm going to limit all meals to one helping, no second for anything. I try to make it a habit to bless the food before each meal, that signals the start of the meal and after that no seconds. Then nothing else can be added.

Rule number three: Set everything I plan to eat before me before I start, after that no going back for seconds. Once I start eating and notice something I really like and want, I'll just remember I can have it my next meal 4 hours later.

Rule number four: No snacking between meals.

Rule number five: No meals will be eaten at less than four hour intervals. All rules and conditions may be waived if I'm sick or doing extra strenuous work.

Rule number six: Unlimited amounts of water are permitted at all times, but Juices, sodas, or high protein drinks are permitted only at four hours intervals

Snacking is something that needs to be discouraged. Contrary to what people think most people are not overweight because of extra large over powering meals, but because of snacking on junk foods and sweets, especially kids. * Allow for an occasional glass of wine. 

Remember reward or punishment is what shapes all behavior and that includes eating behavior. So, that means if I break one of my own eating rules I must punish myself for the infraction. Whoa, hold on, I’m not talking about any harsh, cruel, or diabolical like punishment, but still, a message must be sent that rule breaking will not be tolerated. 

The punishment stick I’m going to use on myself is going to be the punishment of fasting limited to juices, sodas, high protein drinks, or water but absolutely no food. All punishment will be limited to a minimum of 4 hours up to a maximum of 24 hours. I’m going to assign a set punishment for certain infractions for now and may add more later. 

(1.) Punishment for all rule violations except snacking: 24 hours of fasting limited to juices, sodas, or high protein drinks at not less than 4 hour intervals. I can drink water anytime, but absolutely no food for 24 hours. 

(2.) Punishment for breaking the “No snacking” rule: 4 hours of fasting limited to water only but absolutely no food. Here is the skinny on enforcing punishment for rule violations: This is something that must be enforced or else abandon this whole thing right now. 

That is because I have challenged my inner mind for dominance over my compulsive overeating habit and if I don’t follow through with enforcement, my inner mind will come roaring back with a vengeance. This is something I must never; never start or it will end up punishing me with much more extra weight gain unless I'm prepared to follow through on my punishment rules. 

My inner compulsions will reassert it's dominance and take revenge if I become weak and fail to enforce all of the rules I set out. I hope you get the picture, messing around with something like this is not for the weak and goodie, goodie two shoes type, this is all about dominating or being dominated. 

I may start craving sweet and wanting to eat everything in sight and end up gaining weight and eating far more than ever. That is why any serious major change in behavior is always going to cause some temporary stress. I’ve decided to start repeating my latest “Eating too much food is dangerous” positive thinking quote. 

Also, you keep checking I plan to make at least monthly progress reports. 19 NOVEMBER 2010, 2130 HOURS: Last entry 21 NOVEMBER 2010, 2025 HOURS: New progress report. Unlimited amounts of water are permitted at all times but juices, sodas, and high protein drinks are permitted only at four hour intervals. 

There is no restriction on the amount of juices, sodas, or protein drink consumed at a time. Also, there is no set amount of meals per day, but no meal or drink is permitted to be served less than 4 hour intervals. 

WARNING NOTE: Remember, I have the right and power to set or change the rules anytime I want to, but, by God whatever rules that I list on paper must be obeyed and enforce to the tee or I suffer the consequences. If I'm not willing to punish myself for every rule infractions I must abandon this program this minute otherwise my inner mind is going to get revenge on me with much, much more weight gain for challenging it in the first place. 
WEIGHT PROGRESS REPORT: Goal weight 195LBS MONTH---YEAR--STARTED Wt.----CURRENT WT. November 2010---252Lbs----------250LBS December 2010---------------------247LBS January 2011------------------------245LBS February 2011-----------------------244LBS March 2011--------------------------239LBS April 2011--------------------------- May 2011---------------------------- June 2011--------------------------- July 2011---------------------------- August 2011---------------------- September 2011------------------ October 2011--------------------- November 2011------------------ December 2011------------------ 29 NOVEMBER 2010, 1045 HOURS: Last entry. 

I’M ONE THAT SUFFERS FROM DIABETES! So, I decided to write the very basics of understanding diabetes. They call it sugar diabetes and the old folks used to just say he/she “Got sugar.” However, that is true, but, that kind of talk can be misleading and doesn’t tell the whole story. 

The real story is carbohydrates are what determine the level of sugar in the blood, not just sugar and sweets. Yet, most people still automatically think of just sugar and sweets as the big bad boogie man that must be avoided at all cost. The fact is sugar or sweets are only one type of carbohydrate. 

Things like bread, pasta, fruit, and vegetables are all carbohydrates that turns into sugar for the body to use for energy. Also, another big factor that determines blood sugar levels is the speed at which a carbohydrate turns into sugar. Some carbohydrates turns into sugar very rapid and others very slow. 

The pancreas produces insulin to keep too much sugar from getting into the blood, but a diabetic person doesn’t produce enough insulin or fast enough to block rapid sugar producing carbohydrates, thereby allowing too much sugar to overflow into the blood stream. 

However, a diabetic can do a lot through diet to control blood sugar level by eating carbohydrates that turns into sugar very slowly like green beans, broccoli, and leafy vegetables. That way his lesser producing pancreas may be able to keep up and keep his blood sugar level within the normal range. 

The diet first method along with taking the mineral chromium picolinate may work for some, but, never try any method without first checking with a doctor and having a home testing kit to monitor ones own blood sugar level at all times. For us to live our bodies must get energy from the foods we eat. 

Our bodies breaks down the foods we eat in three ways, they are carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Proteins and fats alone don’t turn into sugar or raise blood sugar levels as long as no gravies, sauces, or anything else is included. 

In fact some carbohydrates are high in proteins such as beans and nuts. But, for some unexplained reason fats tends to hinder blood sugar levels from dropping from whatever level it is at the time,otherwise without fats it tends to drop like a rock. 

The body prefers and will always choose the sugar from carbohydrates first to get its needed energy, then as second choice it will turns to proteins for energy. 

NOTE: I am not a trained health care professional in anyway, but with my limited knowledge I decided to write this article anyway, I can only hope that I have been helpful to someone in someway. God bless you all. SIRMANS LOG: 3 DECEMBER 2010, 1841 HOURS. CLICK HERE: TO VISIT MAIN WEBSITE


  1. I'm curious...have you actually achieved lasting weight loss using this method? If so, how much weight have you lost, and over what period of time did it take you to lose the weight? And, another question if I may, who taught you this method of positive thinking, or did you come up with it on your own?

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